People need to look their best, not only for aesthetic value but also for hygiene purposes. Cultivate your grooming habits now and add newer ways to your current routine. Most men might feel that grooming is accomplished by creating fancy hairstyles or choosing the right hairstyle products, but it goes beyond that.

Look like you were naturally born dapper by applying these different grooming techniques this year. Make it a goal to become a better you by having great hair, clear skin, and constantly smell clean and pleasant. If you’re wondering what particular smell will suit you, you can always refer to additional resources.

Read on for some quick, practical grooming tips that won’t only build your confidence but will also give you a ‘wow factor’ among your family and peers:


1. Cut Your Hair

The current trend for long hair due to the pandemic is still ongoing, but shorter hair has already established its comeback. Although long hair can look quite nice if your hair is suitable for such a style, it might not be easy to manage considering your daily jobs and routines. If you don’t want to perform specific hair routines in the morning, cut your hair short.

Having shorter hair will allow you to have quicker showers–with just a dab from the towel, you’re already on your feet to prepare for work. However, it’s important to point out that your short hair still needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. So, use a great quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair and scalp. These two things are great investments that should never be compromised.

If you’re up for some styling, you can add on some hair wax or gel to give your hair-do an instant boost, making you look more manly and handsome.


2. Groom Your Beard

The beard is now in style since the start of the pandemic. This may not have been intentionally set as a trend, but considering most men have been working from home, many have decided to grow their beards. This year, you can opt for a stubble look and get rid of a full-grown beard.

Many beard grooming products can help you maintain your bad-boy look. Some products like beard oil, beard balm, and beard moisturizers will suffice to give you the beard that you’ve always wanted. 

Since shorter well-groomed beards have become a fashion statement for 2021, schedule a reservation with your favorite barber so you can make sure that your beard looks dapper and up-to-date. Although styling your beard would work out fine, it pays to reach out to professionals so you can have the most incredible short beard ever. 

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Source: Men's Fashion Magazine