Noblemen’s Hip Hangout, Noble Cause

Noblemen’s Hip Hangout, Noble Cause

When the weather is nice like paradise, Noblemen’s Cut and Shave opens up the garage door that fronts the barbershop in downtown Fort Lauderdale to address follicles al fresco style.

But when it’s sticky, icky brutal hot, that door rolls down, the air conditioning gets cranked and owners Kevin Grande and Greg Young hand out cold beer and wine to patrons waiting for one of the six barbers to be free. You need to know that there is televised sports and streaming hip hop music, often simultaneously.

Hey, Yo-Yo Ma got his haircut here, so you know it’s a pretty diverse crowd.

Located in the up-and-coming FAT Village (the Flagler Arts and Technology Village for those not in the know), Noblemen’s is also deep into the art scene, hosting pop-up events, especially during Art Walk the last Saturday of the month.

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Source: SunSentinel