12 Grooming Tips Stylish Men Know

12 Grooming Tips Stylish Men Know

Men's grooming is now as much an essential as a well-curated wardrobe and a working knowledge of a (natural) wine list. There's no shame involved. On the contrary, shame only presents itself when you don't have a daily routine (what do you mean you don't have a top five moisturiser list seared into your memory!?). The secret is to appear understated: be the man who looks after himself without a low-level radiation glow or a set of Picasso portrait eyebrows. As with many things in this life, less is more when it comes to grooming.

That means it pays to find essentials that work for you. For your skin, your hair type. The trick isn't to spend a fortune on a thousand different products, or to lock yourself in the bathroom for hours at a time. Rather, you should develop a daily routine that is quick, simple and – above all else – about straightforward maintenance that even the most product-averse man can easily pick up and run with.

From simple-but-effective haircare tips to finding your signature scent, these are the 12 easy grooming habits all men should adopt.

1 | Become a regular at your barbers

Get into the habit of regular stays in the barber's chair: if you've noticed your hair needs a trim, then others have too. That means you get proactive (as opposed to reactive). While some guys can settle for monthly appointments, your locks may still enjoy a growth spurt, thus requiring increased attention. Don't be surprised if it takes triweekly, or even fortnightly visits.

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Source: Esquire