The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide

The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Guide

Dudes, far too often we ignore men’s self-care. Whether it’s ignoring our emotional fitness, failing to surround ourselves with healthy communities, or even just a lack of interest in men’s fashion, Dudefluencer’s been by your side all the way. 

Men’s grooming is an activity that we all take part in but often half-ass it so we don’t get the full benefits from it.

So now it’s onto the next step in your self-care journey: the ultimate men’s grooming guide for 2021. And when you’re done, check out the Dudefluencer’s Manscaping Guide to finish up your grooming journey.



When I’m talking about grooming, I’m going to be talking about all of it. Hairstyle, nose-hair trimming, face wash. 

Andy Gilchrist of Ask Andy About Clothes describes the importance of men’s grooming as, “We live in a complex, crowded society where considerate people keep themselves clean, neat and appropriately presentable for a variety of places and occasions. Appropriate grooming is about respect for your fellow humans. A close shave, a cleansing shower for your hair and body, shiny teeth, sparkling breath, healthy skin, a touch of fragrance, and you’re set for a business presentation, taking a beautiful lady to dinner, or having a beer with the guys.” 

Trust me, Andy is right: grooming is essential.

It’s essential for a couple of reasons. 

First, everyone does it. Heck, you’ve been doing it since you were a little one.

Frequent showers? Check. Cut your nails and toenails? Absolutely. Wash your face in the morning? Sometimes. 

See, building a grooming routine isn’t difficult because we already do a lot of this stuff without thinking about it. 

Now it’s time to maximize the returns on our grooming routines.

The second reason why healthy grooming habits are important is how they can help your physical and mental health.

I, like many other dudes, grew up with acne. My skin trended toward the bad side, with big cystic pimples right under my eyes or giant whiteheads on the tip of my nose. 

Because of that, I lacked self-confidence. I believed my acne made me ugly and unattractive. This lasted through most of high school and bled into college. 

Anyone who has suffered from acne understands the physical and mental toll it can take on you. And even if your acne clears up when you’re older, some of that emotional stress can linger.

The goal of positive men’s grooming is to remove some of the stress that comes with getting a new haircut, trimming your beard, or cleaning up your skin. More importantly, it’s about fun. 

You can feel that way every day if you want by just building a confidence-boosting routine.

So let’s get to it. 

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