Our Story

The journey to create Noble by Greg Young has been a long, challenging and hard-fought one.  The obstacles Greg faced as a child and as a young man were daunting.  To see what he has accomplished today is an inspiration to so many.  

Greg overcame a lonely, troubled childhood where there was no “normal”, no blueprint on life and no one to show him the way.  As a young man, he struggled with addiction which led him to become homeless as well as face numerous incarcerations.  Greg felt he had no future and saw his life crumbling before his eyes. 

July 7, 2013 marks the moment everything changed as Greg walked into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting committed to do whatever it took to become and stay sober. His dedication to a life of sobriety sowed the seeds for great things to come. 

Greg turned his life around in so many positive ways when he decided to embrace sobriety.  He met his wife Alexandra and is now raising two beautiful children, Preston and Olivia.  He founded a very successful small business in Fort Lauderdale, Noblemen’s Cut & Shave.  Most importantly, he has never forgotten where he came from and the challenges he faced along the way.  As a thank you to the community that gave him so much, Greg founded The Backpack Barber Foundation which is dedicated to uplifting the homeless community here in South Florida.  He has aspirations to open chapters across the country to help as many people as possible in need.  The foundation provides free haircuts, hygiene products and strives to elevate homeless children, teens and adults through support and conversation.   The goal is to bring hope and dignity to their lives.

In 2014, Greg had the dream to create a men’s grooming product line.  He envisioned products that not only look and feel cool, but also had a purpose to help others in need.  Fast forward to 2020, Greg met Ian Thurston who is a career marketing and new product innovation professional that recently moved from New York City to Fort Lauderdale.  Becoming business partners supercharged the effort, making Noble by Greg Young a reality.  

Greg and Ian continue to work tirelessly to bring high-quality products to market while keeping a laser focus on giving back to local communities through The Backpack Barber Foundation.  The foundation is funded by profits generated by Noble by Greg Young.  Greg and Ian’s mission is to give those in need a helping hand one haircut at a time through respect, dignity and human connection.