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 On July 7th, 2013, everything changed in Greg Young’s life.  This is the day that marks the beginning of Greg’s journey of sobriety and sowed the seeds for great things to come.  In 2014, Greg had the dream to create a men’s grooming product line. 

In 2020, Greg met Ian Thurston and the two of them supercharged the effort and made Noble by Greg Young a reality.  It was a chance encounter inspired by a South Florida local news television spot highlighting The Backpack Barber Foundation founded by Greg.  As Ian describes it…”We were eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic and my hair was as long as it was in college…we are talking man-bun length territory.  I wanted to support local businesses and Greg was the epitome of a success story and most importantly he didn’t forget to give back to the community that gave him so much.”  
In October of 2020, Ian booked a haircut with Greg and the rest is history.  Greg and Ian continue to work tirelessly to bring high quality products to market while keeping a laser focus on giving back to local communities through The Backpack Barber Foundation.  Their dream is to build a men’s grooming product empire that simultaneously works to establish satellite branches of The Backpack Barber Foundation across the country to give those in need a helping hand up in life one haircut at a time through respect, dignity and human connection.